Who are we?

Who Are We?

Interas is a leading translation and interpreting company in Turkey founded by three conference interpreters who decided to gather under a single roof their experience spanning over a decade. Driven by enthusiasm and a strong vision for the future, we launched the company in 2011. Today we have a business volume exceeding 2000 interpreting days and 20 thousand pages of translation annually.


Well aware of how quality of interpreting is easily monitored by everyone, we work with professional conference interpreters only. Our simultaneous interpreting services in national and international congresses allow specialists to speak the same language in medical, financial, political, technical etc. fields. We offer various types of interpreting services in board of directors meetings, cycle meetings, sales and marketing events of biggest national companies in Turkey as well as world’s leading multinational companies. As we develop our cooperation over time, we build consistency and continuity in the language used by these companies, with our services becoming an integral part thereof.


We also have a distinguished team of translators serving in a field rife with demand but otherwise low in customer satisfaction. We only work with qualified translators in all languages. Our translations are copy-edited by native-speakers of the target language, followed by a preparation of an exclusive glossary that corresponds to corporate jargon as well as terminology used in the respective sector. All the stages combined, we are able to produce coherent texts no short of native-level articulation at a speed and quality to meet your expectations. Our chief areas of expertise include newsletters, websites, marketing and creative advertising texts, corporate presentations, annual reports, banking, finance, law, technical areas (energy, telecommunications, mining etc.), newspaper articles and columns, academic texts, corporate magazines, speech texts of senior managers and dignitaries as well as cookery which enjoys an emerging popularity in the world.

What do we do?

Our services are concentrated in two main areas: interpretation and translation. Interpretation services include simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, whispering and liaison interpretation. As for translation, we offer translation, proofreading/editing and transcription services. Thus, we consider ourselves a reliable business partner for all interpretation/translation services you may require.

In 2011, we have served public institutions and private sector companies with a total of 1078 interpreter days in various events, such as national and international conferences; medical congresses; press conferences; Board of Directors meetings, Executive Board meetings, product launches; academic and scientific meetings; as well as domestic and foreign diplomatic contacts.


In addition to our full-time interpreters, we have a network of more than 50 freelance interpreters, who provide services both in Turkey and abroad, mainly in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian languages, as well as other comparatively rare languages and language combinations.

The knowledge and experience we gained in interpretation is the main source of our translation quality.


What distinguishes our translation services is the three-step process implemented in all translation projects. The texts are first translated, then checked and proofread by an editor, and lastly reviewed again by the project coordinator. This three-step process guarantees the high-quality translation that would meet your expectations. In addition, “terminology management” is a vital part of our translation process. At the end of each translation project, a project glossary is prepared, which lists the jargon pertinent to your industry as well as the jargon preferred by your company, and this glossary is shared with you. The glossary allows for long-term consistency in terminology and sustains the quality of future translations.

Our main areas of expertise in translation include, but are not limited to, banking, finance, law (legal documents such as international contracts), journalism, medicine, academic articles, corporate magazines, annual reports, press releases, and websites.