Simultaneous interpretation is performed in booths that are manufactured specifically for this purpose and that conform to international standards, and special technical equipment is used. Some conference rooms are furnished with simultaneous interpretation systems and equipment. In the cases where conference rooms do not have these, technical equipment companies provide the portable booths and equipment. If you require booths and equipment in addition to interpretation services, please contact our secretariat for consultancy.

Below, you can find information on booth and equipment standards and working conditions:

  • The booth is the “workplace” for the interpreters, where they may need to work an entire day under stressful conditions and within a confined space.
  • There must be a separate booth for each language pair, equipped with an earphone and a microphone for each interpreter.
  • The booths must be placed in a certain position and at a certain distance so as to allow the interpreter to see both the speaker and other visual equipment (such as curtains, screens, etc.) without any obstructions.
  • It should be ensured that the interpreters are not distracted by outside sounds or that the outside sounds are not transmitted to the listeners’ headphones through the interpreter’s microphones. The booths must be soundproof.
  • The booths must include reading lamps. Moreover, they must have a desk big enough to carry the technical equipment, lamps, and related documents.
  • There must be at least one technician present during the meeting in the meeting hall. The interpreters know only how to use the equipment; they do not know how to set it up or how to fix it.
  • Before the meeting starts, the interpreters and the technicians must be given sufficient time to make sure that the equipment is working properly.
  • In meetings held in multiple languages, a relay system must be used, whereby an interpreter is allowed to listen to other interpreters translating in different booths.
  • The simultaneous interpretation booths must conform to ISO 2603:1998 and ISO 4043:1998 standards (which are translated into Turkish by Conference Interpreters’ Association of Turkey and are published by Turkish Standards Institute under TS ISO 2603 and TS ISO 4043).

Source: The Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey