We provide professional and reliable interpreting services across a wide array of events including national and international conferences, medical congresses, press conferences; board of directors, executive committee and product launch meetings of major private companies, academic and scientific meetings as well as diplomatic visits at home and abroad.

We have a wide network of interpreters in Turkey and abroad working in mainly in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic, Russian as well as in rare languages including Chinese and Japanese. Our experienced team of coordinators helps organize interpreting services for any event around the world.

We ensure maximum level of success by appointing interpreters experienced in the related topic of conferences. Please find below all the types of interpreting services we offer including but not limited to simultaneous interpreting.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates the message that s/he hears through earphones and speaks it into a microphone in the target language simultaneously while the speaker speaks, and the target audience hears him/her using their own earphones. Simultaneous interpretation is performed in sound-proof booths. It is crucial to use the right kind of technical system for the interpretation to be efficient (see Interpretation Booths and Equipment)

Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for meetings with large audiences, such as congresses, symposia, conferences, seminars, etc. Since it is performed simultaneously, the translation runs parallel to the real-time progression of the meeting.

In consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses regularly enabling the interpreter to render the translation and the interpreter performs the interpretation task based on the notes he/she has taken during the speech. This kind of interpretation is mostly used in business meetings with relatively small audience, in diplomatic meetings or where the subject matter is technical and/or confidential, or where simultaneous interpretation equipment cannot be used.

It should be noted that consecutive interpretation nearly doubles the total time of the meeting.

In whisper interpretation, the interpreter sits next to one or, at most, two participants and provides simultaneous interpretation in whisper form. Since this interpretation requires simultaneous translation without providing the required equipment, it is more demanding for the interpreter. Therefore, usually two interpreters who take turns in interpreting are assigned for such interpretation projects, and whispering is only used in relatively short meetings.


Furthermore, since the interpreter hears the speaker’s actual voice, as opposed to hearing it through earphones, whisper interpretation cannot be performed in big auditoriums where the interpreter is placed far from the speaker or where there are other distractive sounds.

Liaison interpretation refers to occasions where an interpreter accompanies a speaker and the audience and performs whisper or consecutive interpretation. Liaison interpreting is employed during meetings that are not held in seated conference settings, such as diplomatic visits, factory visits, business meetings, and field studies performed in Turkey or abroad.

It is preferred that the audience is a small group instead of a large one.