You can visit our “Services” page to determine the type of interpretation service you require based on certain criteria such as the type of the meeting, the location of the meeting, the number of participants etc.

In order to decide what kind of interpretation services you will need, you can visit our “Services” page and make your decision based on information such as the type of meeting you will be hosting, the location of your meeting, and the number of participants.

We strongly advice you to contact our secretariat as soon as you settle the date of your meeting and the type of interpretation service you require. This will help us assign the most suitable interpreters for your meeting.

Points to Consider In Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Simultaneous interpretation booths and equipment should be set up in the meeting venue, before the meeting starts.
  • Interpretation booths must be set up in a way that allows the interpreter to see both the speaker and the screen. If the speaker is showing a presentation on the screen, a separate monitor should be placed inside the booth so that the interpreters can follow the presentation at the same time. Even if the booths are placed close enough to the main screen, the interpreter still needs a monitor to read the texts written in small font sizes.
  • Please identify a contact person with whom, if required, the interpreters can communicate during the meeting.
  • Two interpreters are assigned for meetings exceeding 45 minutes.
  • It would contribute to the success of the meeting if you could provide the interpreters some written documents such as the meeting program, the subject of the meeting, presentations of the speakers (if not possible, at least the abstracts) or any other source documents that would enable the interpreters to get prepared ahead of the meeting.
  • Coffee and lunch breaks are essential for the interpreters so that they can have time to rest.
  • In meetings where there is audio and/or visual recording, you are required to notify the interpreters as well as our secretariat, and inquire about copyright fees.
  • If a video will be played during the meeting, the audio should be transmitted directly to the interpreter’s’ earphones. Also, the video should be provided to the interpreters so that they can watch it ahead of time, and the text of the video, if there is any, should also be given to the interpreters.

Points to Consider In Consecutive Interpretation

  • Since the interpreter may need to take notes, the meeting area should be organized in such a way that it allows for note taking. If the interpreter is expected to perform the interpretation in a standing position, a standing microphone must be provided so that his/her hands are free.
  • In meetings where the speaker speaks into a microphone, the interpreter must also be provided a separate microphone.
  • Since the interpreter is not inside an isolated booth, there are many factors that may distract the interpreter. Contrary to common belief, due to this distraction factor, consecutive interpretation is not easier than simultaneous interpretation.
  • In addition to the working conditions detailed above, it should be remembered that, consecutive interpretation doubles the duration of the meeting.