Interas channels all the professional interpreting skills and experiences into translation projects as well.

One of the integral components of translation process is terminology management. After the completion of each translation project, we compile and share with the given company a glossary of corporate jargon and terminology in the respective sector. We regularly update the glossary based on the company’s feedback which helps sustain quality and consistency in all translated work in the long term.


We believe that translation at Interas is a journey of excellence enabled by communication between our company and our customers. The comments and feedback we receive from our customers inform our future experience, expand our translation database and inspire us to provide a thorough, first-rate service. Interas has established an ever-growing business partnership with a sizeable number of organizations from day one. The secret lies in reciprocity and cooperation.


Our primary areas of expertise include banking, finance, governance, newsletters, newspaper and news agency publications, marketing, corporate magazines, annual reports, legal and medical articles and other academic articles. We also take pride in our translations of websites by leading companies and their projects across a variety of sectors in Turkey. We work with a separate team of translators for other major areas including script translations and “transcreation” which refers to creative translation for advertisements and slogans.